5 Things to Bring Camping

You are off camping with the Boy Scouts, when suddenly the heavens start opening up. You look up to your left to find a tremendous sight, the tops of giant geysers popping up seemingly from nowhere. Wow, looks like Yellowstone was built in real time. As you continue to watch the magic begin, you begin to become awed at what the designers of these hells of earth really thought about the matter. Then you realize that this is the Grand Canyon in miniature. This is really happening. As you watch, the cracks in the earth increase as if it is experiencing a short earthquake. The earth suddenly looks very different. Stunning changes occur in the rocks, wobbling and sliding them into unknown depths. The next thing you know, you are high up in the canyon enjoying the show. zoom: you fly straight and high in the sky, high up and away from the earth. It is a spectacular sight and must be seen to be believed. Now the question is, what is to be done? Avoid the temptation to ride out the champagne at the champagne bar with the rest of the earth as a witness. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Follow this advice and you will make the right decision.

1. Off road vehicle speeds well below 35 miles per hour.

2. Avoid driving at dusk or visibility is difficult.

3. Have a lot of room to stop because this is where highway speeds come in.

4. If you see a sign saying, “All vehicles except motorcycles and mopeds may not pass through this area”, that means you can only move as fast as the slowest vehicle.

5. If you have to stop, let the slow vehicles pass and get back out onto the road.

6. If you see a sign saying, “Motorized vehicles are not to be transported except on able-bodied roads”, that means you have to stop.

7. If you are not sure whether you can pass or not, ask permission.

8. If the sign says, “Motorized vehicle”, that means it is a paved road for motorized vehicles.

9. Put on your reflective gear and safety chains.

10. Do not ride on the roughest patches of grass and paths.

11. Don’t unwind by dancing or playing flight of fancy.

12. Be orderly while riding. Keep your riding harness securely attached to you and do not ride with Bowline knot.

13. In the Campo, do not wash your riding clothes and save the soap to use for an unforeseen trip outside the Campo.

14. Always keep your riding gear in a separate place from the rest of your camping gear. In the Campo, allow older children to keep their clothing in a separate place from the rest of their gear.

15. Do not ride with Dots or blinkers on your bikes.

16. Turn off your engine or camper trailer, or park it.

17. Respect posted speed limits.

18. Be aware of your surroundings and do not ride on or stand on corrals.

19. Clean your rolling stock – chain lubricants, brake dust, etc. – to prevent rust and dirt buildup.

20. Garbage and Leftovers. When your camping trip is over, you have to leave the camping site quite. Either bury your rubbish or dispers it in a designated area. You would not want to leave debris on the camping ground like that.

21. Dispose your rubbish properly.

22. If you’re camping at a campsite that has its own toilet area, don’t use toilet paper and leave the seat unpacked.

23. Use the rest room seats only during bathroom breaks.

24. Respect the different ages of children at your campsite.

25. Take care to pack for your camping trip.

26. You need to be very careful while using water containers on streams and ponds.bestos and other toxic materials are present.

27. If you’re traveling with your pet, pick up after them. If your dog is drinking, they do not need to be packed in the camper.

28.zeros, deflators, and other equipment that uses the energy required for them to run must be packed.

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